Zhenjiang is China’s second batch of low carbon pilot cities. On December 13th, 2014, President Xi Jinping visited Zhenjiang and listened to the report on the de-carbonization of Zhenjiang’s development. He commented that Zhenjiang was playing a leading role among cities in China in low carbon development, which was effective, and that Zhenjiang should continue to make more contribution to China’s de-carbonization in general.

    In September last year, Zhenjiang was invited by the National Development and Reform Commission to represent low carbon pilot cities of China to attend the first China-US Climate Leaders Summit, where Zhenjiang signed a MOU on low carbon cooperation with California. In December, 2015, Zhenjiang was the only city representative of China to hold a “Zhenjiang Day” event at the China Pavilion at COP 21 in Paris, and signed a Plan of Actions with California to strengthen bilateral cooperation on low carbon development. In July, 2016, Mr. Li Qiang, Party Secretary of Jiangsu Province, and Mr. Xie Zhenhua, China’s special representative on climate change issues (former Deputy Director General of NDRC) visited Zhenjiang respectively and both expressed their support to Zhenjiang’s efforts of organizing the Zhenjiang Low Carbon Tech Expo.

    The Expo is an effort by Zhenjiang to advocate low carbon development and to address the global issue of climate change. Through the Expo, we aim to empower the development of low carbon industries and economic growth with our strengths in low carbon city development. Party Secretary Li Qiang and Special Representative Xie Zhenhua have both confirmed that they would attend the Expo in Zhenjiang.


    >>>>>>>>>>>The Expo Kicking Off Day<<<<<<<<<<<<

    I Opening Ceremony, Forums and Work Studios

    i. Openning Ceremony

       Chaired by Mayor of Zhenjiang

       Welcome Remark by Xia Jinwen, Party Secretary, Zhenjiang Municipal Government

       Remarks by:

          LI Qiang, Jiangsu Provincial Government Party Secretary

          XIE Zhenhua , China Climate Special Envoy

          Xin Guobin, Vice MInistery of MIIT

          Foreign Embassy/Consulate Representative

          International Sister City Representative

          Hank Paulson, Chairman of Paulson Foundation

          Video remark by Mr. Michael Bloomberg

          Other Representatives

    ii. Plenary Forum: New Low Carbon Economy: Trends to Watch

       Four to six renowned experts will give keynote speeches at the Plenary Forum.

    iii. Parallel Forums

       Forum A: Exploring Patterns for Low Carbon City Development

       Forum B: Strategies and Innovations by Leading Companies for Corporate Sustainability

    iv. Zhenjiang Nightcap – Lighting Revolution

       Philip Company is invited to showcase leading lighting products and share insights on lighting revolution.

    v. Work Studios

       The Work Studio is a platform for potential partners including cities, tech companies, financiers and green design companies. Two work studios will be held:

       Work Studio A: Green Design

       Work Studio B: Green Finance

    III. Roadshows

       Roadshows will provide a platform to facilitate technology commercialization and investment. There will be four roadshows every morning/afternoon, with six tech companies/incubators and 5 financiers (funds, banks, securities, etc) at each roadshow. At least 72 companies or incubators and 60 financiers are expected to attend the 12 roadshows within one day and a half.

       We will also organize over 100 projects seeking technology support and over 100 project seeking investment to attend the roadshows.

    IV. Closing Plenary

       A couple of important reports will be released at the Closing Plenary, including Zhenjiang Statement, Zhenjiang Pattern for Low Carbon Development, Zhenjiang Low Carbon Index, Catalog of Certified Low Carbon Products, Electric Vehicle Charging/Battery Swap Practices in Zhenjiang, etc.

    V. City Tours

       Guests can choose among a one-day tour, half-a-day tour, and a two-hour tour on November 30th. The three routes include the most famous tourist sites of Zhenjiang.

    Guest-Guest Speaker


    • Xiaoming Zhu

      Xiaoming Zhu


    • Yi Wang

      Yi Wang


    • Cunzhen Lin

      Cunzhen Lin


    • Yunfeng Bai

      Yunfeng Bai


    Guest-Guest Roadshows


    • Dr. Yao Weiguang

      Dr. Yao Weiguang

      Dow Aaia Pacific CTO

    • Xiaoyu Liu

      Xiaoyu Liu


    • Weiqun Li

      Weiqun Li


    • Xiaoshan Huang

      Xiaoshan Huang


    Guest-Exhibition Guests


    • IBM


    • DOW


    • GE


    Guest-Expert Group


    • Qiangwan Du

      Qiangwan Du


    • Jiankun He

      Jiankun He


    • Feng Qiao

      Feng Qiao


    • Bailian Li

      Bailian Li



    Time: November 28-29, 2016 (City tour on November 30)

    Venue:Mingdu Hotel Zhenjiang

    Room reservation: Mr. Meng



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    • Energy Conservation Department of MIIT
    • People's  Government  of Jiangsu Provice

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